What is Aktiva?

Aktiva’s activities are directed at young people looking for places to work and study at. If you don’t yet know where you would like to work or what you are interested in, you can try different trades here. As an unemployed job seeker you are applicable for financial support during the training period. You also get support and guidance in job seeking, how to write a resume, what a job interview is like and where to find a place to work. If you don’t live in Parainen, we can meet at a place near you, so give us call and we can make an appointment.

Aktiva offers opportunities for practical training in its own workshops. You will find creativity and the freedom to try what you want to. We want to hear about your thoughts, ideas and talents and we will support you throughout your time here.

In Aktiva you get support and guidance in things involving education. We also visit schools and get to know different educational options.

For whom?

If you are under 29 years old

If you live in Parainen

If you are unemployed

If you have or plan to give up studying

Let’s think your future through, together.
Don't hesitate to contact us.
050-59 62 108
Kom och söka arbete!
Pargas stad arrangerar igen Starta Säsongen-evenemanget, där lokala arbetsgivare söker medarbetare inför sommarsäsongen 2020.
Tid: 29.01.2020 kl. 15–17
Plats: Pargas stadshus Strandvägen 28, 3 vån
Hösten är snart här!
Verksamheten har kommit i gång efter sommaren. Kontakta oss om du behöver hjälp, råd och stöd.
Aktivas semestrar
Vi kommer att ha semester enligt följande

Viveka 24.6-4.8
Jenni 1.7-4.8
Martina 1.7-4.8
Heini 8.7-4.8

Aktiva kommer alltså att vara helt stängd 8.7-4.8.
Jenni Lindroos
Verksamhetsledare / individuell handledare
Jenni Lindroos
Martina Oksanen
Uppsökande ungdomsarbete
Martina Oksanen
Heini Brushane
Handledare i kreativa startverkstaden
Heini Brushane
Viveka Lindqvist
Handledare i kreativa startverkstaden
Viveka Lindqvist
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